5 Ways to Get Outside

Thursday May 13, 2021

It feels like the country is finally starting to stretch our legs and awaken from a yearlong slumber! While it’s important to continue being safe (check out our ongoing COVID-19 protocols), there’s a lot of reasons to get outside this spring and summer!

Venturing outdoors can have a tremendously positive impact on your mental health. We have been limited to virtual school, meetings and gatherings for so long, and that can take it’s toll. Are your kids itching to do something new? Are you ready to explore somewhere other than your living room and couch? Here are a few suggestions to get you active and outdoors.

1. Walking

It may sound simple, but take some time to go for a walk. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, just enough to take in some fresh air and Vitamin D. Instead of sitting inside while on the phone, take a stroll around your neighborhood. Take a look online to find walking paths near you, or find the closest school with a track. Bonus…it’s free and doesn’t require any equipment.

2. Camping

This one requires a bit of an investment, like a tent, sleeping bag and other supplies, but the experience will also create a ton of memories. Whether you stay up late and look at the stars or have some smores by the campfire, it’s a great opportunity to engage your family and friends in a new way. Another benefit, you likely won’t have much access to wifi so you’ll have to detach from your devices.

3. Gardening

There are so many benefits from spending time creating your own garden. Most grocery or hardware stores have seeds that are inexpensive. Whether you plant some flowers, herbs or vegetables, you’ll learn how to be self-reliant and may even lower your grocery bill at the same time. Don’t have any green space where you live, you may be able to create a raised bed near or hanging outside your window. A small step to help de-stress and bring the outside in!

4. Running

Not getting enough of a calorie burn from walking, camping or gardening…maybe it’s time to put a little giddy-up in your step. A great way to work on your physical fitness goals for 2021, running will also help you clear your mind and boost your mood. Whether you decide to run on the streets, paths or trails near your home, it’s a great outdoor activity that doesn’t break the budget. Plus, you can run with friends or family for increased camaraderie.

5. Ziplining (of course)

How could we have a list of outdoor activities without including our favorite one of all! Hopefully there is a Go Ape nearby, but if not, try searching online for ziplining or ropes courses near me. While we strive to be the best option for an aerial adventure, there are hundreds of treetop courses, canopy tours and ziplines across the country and world. Not only are you getting outdoors, but you’re exploring nature from a completely different point of view. It also provides a great challenge by forcing you out of your comfort zone (goodbye comfy couch) and once accomplished, will leave you with a great sense of pride and confidence.

There are tons of other things you can do outside, from hiking to biking or even birding or surfing! Find what’s right for you and is going to excite your senses. If you do want to visit Go Ape for an outdoor adventure, we encourage you to pick from one of our many activities and book in advance.

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