A 3-Step Guide to get your most Netflix-Addicted Friend Outdoors (Without Ruining Your Friendship)

Thursday October 17, 2019

As temperatures drop, those Netflix reruns seem to provide the warmth and comfort that summer once did. The downside? Binging side-by-side will inevitably lead to the dreaded “Friendship Furrow” (think: the platonic version of a relationship rut). We’re here to help you get out of that hole and into the trees.

There’s no better way to strengthen a friendship than encouraging one another in the great outdoors. There’s a reason the cast of Friends lives so close to Central Park! But how do you lovingly convince a friend who would rather watch Parks and Recreation to try a little recreation for themselves? Follow our 3-step guide to make the process as fun and painless as possible:

  1. Research:
    What are they currently binging, and how can you tie that into your motivational pitch? Do they want to be more like Jim Halpert, a man who doesn’t let a little rain stop him from proposing a wildly big adventure to Pam? Are they hooked on the excitement of Bread Week via the Great British Baking Show and want to bring out their inner yeast… and rise up into the trees? Maybe they’ve indulged in a few too many pastries during Pastry Week and need an activity to validate those calories? Or maybe they’re itching to channel the strength of Samwise Gamgee climbing Mount Doom? Find their wildest cinematic fantasy and make it their reality. I bet Samwise would climb that rope ladder. Will they?
  1. Prepare:
    You’ve piqued their interest – well done. But that’s just the beginning! Start brainstorming scenarios to keep their interest high in those dreaded moments from couch to front door. Don’t let them compare the sun to the Eye of Sauron. Instead, focus on the positive: zipline breezes, and fall foliage that could rival the cover of Good Will Hunting. Do you detect a sliver of hesitation when they spot that zipline? Remind them that Jack Sparrow made his epic escape by means of a “zipline”. Our harnesses, carabiners, and safety equipment will make this adventure a piece of Paul Hollywood’s cake in comparison.
  1. Respect and Motivate:
    Remember: this is their first time off the couch this season; they’re still new here. Cheer them on for taking the “easy” route, even if you would have taken the “extreme”. They’re just warming up to life in the great outdoors, but with friends like you, we think they’ll stick around. By meeting them at their level, you’ll create a positive outdoor experience for them and earn their company for more adventures to come. A good dose of vitamin D and a little adrenaline is an addicting combination.
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