At Go Ape, we transform ordinary team-building activities into extraordinary group adventures. Our goal? To foster collaboration, communication, and camaraderie that transcends the workplace.

Spend a day with us for team-building activities that will deliver robust, meaningful, and memorable group experiences designed to strengthen bonds, inspire innovation, and ignite team spirit. Our specially curated packages put an exciting twist on team development, challenging each member not just to participate but to lead, innovate, and collaborate in ways they never have before.

For groups with ten or more adventurers, we offer an exclusive opportunity to enhance your Go Ape journey with our ground-based team-building activities. Just an additional $15/per person.

$15/person add-on

Customized activities to align group objectives

30-60 minute sessions
(depending on group size)

Information available for pavilion rentals & catering

Qualified Go Ape facilitator to lead the session

Our team-building activities are about having fun together, but even more, they’re about growing together, understanding each other’s strengths, and leveraging them to achieve common goals. The experiences will surely challenge, inspire, and bring out the best in every team member.

So, why settle for the ordinary when you can experience the extraordinary? Choose Go Ape for your team-building activities, and discover a new level of team synergy. Create lasting memories, foster stronger relationships, and watch as our unique approach to team-building shapes your team into a more cohesive, collaborative, and successful unit.

Go Ape – Where team-building activities evolve into unforgettable team adventures!



Give the gift of adventure. Score yourself a unique gift for that adventurer in your life. Gift memories, not things - with an outdoor experience at Go Ape.

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