Go Ape Partners with GRACE

Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center

Go Ape takes pride in supporting various great causes around the world. We are excited to partner with GRACE, the Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center.

“A future for gorillas, built on community”


Located in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) near the Tayna Nature Reserve, GRACE is the world’s only sanctuary for rescued Grauer’s gorillas, a Critically Endangered subspecies found only in war-torn eastern DR Congo. Grauer’s gorillas have suffered a catastrophic population decline of nearly 80% in the past 20 years, largely due to poaching exacerbated by insecurity and humanitarian crises in the region.

GRACE provides rehabilitative care for gorillas orphaned by poaching, nursing orphans back to health and giving them the chance to be with other gorillas again. The gorillas at GRACE—all orphans—form a tight-knit surrogate family and spend their days together in forest habitats, learning survival skills necessary for future reintroduction back into the wild.

GRACE Programs

Man holds baby gorilla crossing its arms over its chest and looking at the camera

Gorilla Rehabilitation

Adult gorillas walk on all fours and gaze at the camera curiously

Gorilla Conservation

Man gestures with his hands while teaching schoolchildren in front of a banner with info on gorillas

Conservation Education

African villagers stand in a circle and hold hands

Community Engagement