GOES Health
GOES Health
GOES Health x Go Ape Zipline & Adventure Park

Look who we made friends with – GOES Health!

GOES is our Outdoor Adventure Health Resource. It’s an award-winning platform that offers a wealth of health information, backed by wilderness medicine experts.

The GOES app offers an expansive, interactive library of outdoor health resources, precision hourly weather forecasting, location-specific health risks with real-time alerts, and self-guided protocols. GOES offers families more than useful weather and outdoor health info – it educates on what to expect on your next nature-filled excursion, even when you’re off-line!

We’re not monkeying around – be ready for your next adventure by downloading GOES. Use code GOESAPE to save 20% on the premium GOES+ subscriptions.

GOES Cold Weather
GOES Flood
GOES Snakebite

The Signs are All Around Us!

Look up, look down, look all around for outdoor health signs from GOES and Go Ape! Together we promote fun and well-prepared adventures, with an emphasis on education and building confidence in nature. That means your family gets to play in nature with peace of mind.  

When you visit Go Ape, take a look around while you’re experiencing our Treetop Journey and Treetop Adventure areas. Find the green signs to learn interesting info and tips on topics like Slither Watch, Leaves of Three, What’s the Buzz, and Beat the Heat.

GOES Slither Watch
GOES Leaves Of Three
GOES Whats The Buzz

GOES is your family’s outdoor safety companion, and Go Ape adventurers save 20% on the premium GOES+ subscriptions with code GOESAPE


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