In the mid 2000s, our founders were looking to launch a business with a vision of giving back to our local communities through outdoor adventure and environmental stewardship. They stumbled upon a network of zip line and aerial adventure courses in the UK and formed a partnership to bring the idea to the United States. Frederick, Maryland became home base for the team and their vision sprung to life with the very first Go Ape USA course in Rockville, Maryland.

Through partnerships with public parks across the country, our vision has become a reality. Every local community where you find a Go Ape Zipline & Adventure Park, we give money back through a revenue share with our partners.

Go Ape provides the capital investment, designs, builds and operates each course. Park and preserve partners pay nothing, but receive a percentage of each ticket sale to reinvest back into their local communities.

Flash forward to today, Go Ape Zipline & Adventure Park can be found throughout the country in twelve states (so far) and we have a thriving team of +200 rock stars.

Since the very beginning, Go Ape has been focused on a mission: Inspire everyone to live life adventurously. And despite the rapid pace of change, all of us at Go Ape remain true to our original vision of giving back to our local communities.

For some, an adventure may mean doing something just outside of their comfort zone; like learning a new language, running a big race or overcoming a fear of heights. Whatever adventure means to you, we’re glad you’ve found us. This is our story of adventure. What’s yours?

Our Mission

We want to inspire everyone to live life adventurously.
Life is just better with adventure.


Inspire everyone to live life adventurously

We start by making adventure more accessible. We believe that you shouldn’t have to go far to find it. Then we look to challenge, surprise and excite people. We’re passionate about motivating people to swap ‘I can’t’ for ‘I can’.

Provide a tree-mendous guest experience

A Go Ape Zipline & Adventure Park experience is so much more than just zip lines and obstacles. It’s a shared experience that bonds our guests. Our instructors aim to create a safe and positive environment where guests can challenge themselves and push beyond their comfort zones.

Be socially and environmentally responsible

We strive to preserve and maintain our natural environment while encouraging others to rediscover the local beauty all around. We take that commitment further by using our voice to educate and inspire stewardship throughout the Go Ape community.

Do the right thing

We just want to do the right thing. Do good whenever and however. Be the good in the world. Sure it sounds simple, but we mean it.