Forest EscAPE!

At Go Ape, we don’t let walls confine our adventures. The forest and trees are our playground! But sometimes, you need to EscAPE! Join us on an interactive and unique outdoor experience for families, friends, & co-workers. Work together with your best problem solving skills in a fun & immersive natural environment.

Pick your teammates carefully, because each session is private, and it’s up to you to conquer all the forest contains.

Forest EscAPE is perfect for birthday parties, team building, scout groups, and more.


Ages 7 & up

60 minutes to escAPE

Navigate your way through the forest

Work as a team to solve puzzles

Tackle various mental challenges together

Guest attempts to open a lock on the forest floor
Woman attempts a puzzle

The Mission

You’ve partnered with the Captain in search of an elusive treasure. This isn’t the treasure of your childhood stories. They say this treasure can save our planet: just like the trees in the forest we’re now stuck in, this treasure can offset CO2 emissions, create renewable energy, and prevent the Earth from overheating… when used for good. In the wrong hands, it may do the opposite…

Your plane is closing in on the last known location of the treasure, circling over the forest, when the Captain turns on the Fasten Seatbelts sign. You see the monster appear out of your window, but only get a quick glimpse before the impact and everything goes dark…

Can you help the Captain find the missing parts, rebuild the plane, and return to our mission, before it’s too late?


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