Monday October 8, 2018

Cuffing season, they call it.

That time of year when the weather starts to change, first as cool nights chase summer heat away, then as cool days start to mean cold nights. We naturally seek out a cuddle partner, and dating takes on a more romantic air than it could carry in the summer when everyone had to be a bit too conscious of their sweat to really feel attractive.

Autumn can mean some truly memorable dates. Here are five of our favorite couples’ outings for when the leaves start to turn.

Rent a Convertible and See the Fall Foliage

Everyone who dreams of owning a convertible imagines putting the top down on hot summer days and letting the wind in their hair cool them off. Everyone who owns a convertible knows a secret the dreamers don’t – convertible weather actually comes in the spring and fall.

On those hot summer days, putting the top down just leaves the sun beating down on you and heats up the seats.

But on a crisp fall day, a ragtop lets you see all the beauty of the season, and a sweater makes the temperature perfect. And you don’t need the expense of maintaining a convertible year-round to enjoy one

Find a beautiful scenic route, and rent a ragtop. Drive your favorite person through a lovely forest as it’s turning gold. Seek out a winery in the countryside for an early dinner date, and enjoy the colors on the ride there, and the stars on the way home.

Build a Campfire and Snuggle

Humans have been holding their deepest conversations by firelight for as long as romance has existed. Your lover’s face takes on a new softness by the fire, and the smell of woodsmoke in their hair makes the effort of building the fire worthwhile.

Find a piece of parkland nearby that allows fires (call the rangers ahead of time to see if you’ll need a permit. They’re usually cheap). Pack in dry wood and kindling (and maybe some marshmallows or a thermos of hot cocoa).

And, when the lighting is right, ask your date about his childhood, his favorite song, his thoughts on aging…whatever will spark him to reveal himself in new ways. You’ll find yourselves exploring the topics a little deeper in the ancient magic of firelight.

Take Her Apple Picking, Then Bake Something Together

One of the best parts of Fall is the food, and sharing a sensory experience together is undeniably sexy.

A trip to a local orchard will get you both outdoors. The brisk air promotes a cuddle stop or two, while walking, collecting the right apples, and carrying a basket full around gets your blood pumping just a little.

Then, head home, and wow her with a delicious recipe you can bake together. Maybe a classic family recipe for pie that lets the two of you bask in the smell of apples baking in cinnamon, or half a dozen turnovers so she can take one to reheat in the office toaster oven (the scent of it drawing out coworkers so she can brag about you).

Find a Haunted House and Get Scared Together

A little adrenaline is a fantastic accelerant to attraction.

And every autumn, scare factories pop up all over the country, bringing out screams, laughs, and people clinging to each other.

Haunted houses. Haunted hayrides. Haunted forests. We’ve even seen a haunted abandoned hospital selling tickets in the fall. They all make wonderful places to bring your crush.

Dress in layers…maybe even a little more than you need, so you can offer your date one if they start hopping to keep warm in the inevitable lines. Bring a little cash to buy some of the ridiculous fair food probably on offer. And go for the scariest option, so your date can laugh at your overreaction. It’ll pay off.

Take One More Camping Trip Before It’s Too Cold

A night under the stars together is more pleasant in autumn than any other time of year.

It’s not too hot, like those summer nights when camping means sweating and the last thing you want is another body close to yours. It’s not too cold, like those winter nights when so many camping trips end with a frozen car ride home way earlier than planned.

Instead, the temperature is just right for zipping your sleeping bags together. S’mores are a natural addition.